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This wouldn’t happen in Australia: Hilary Clinton tries chanting in Spanish….

The headline is somewhat ironic. To win the presidential race in the United States, most hopefuls (Donald Trump is an exception) reach out to the Hispanic community – given its increasing weight in the electorate. So it is no wonder if Hilary Clinton works her Spanish when she can – to attract the Hispanic vote. Although she can’t speak it, at least she makes the effort to use it for symbolic effect, even if it seems she doesn’t always get it right.

Foxnews is happy to report Clinton’s mistakes under the headline How do you say ‘Fail’? Clinton bungles well-known Spanish-language chant. Her mistakes include changing the chant ‘Sì, si puede’ (Yes, we can) to ‘Sì, si pueda’ which Foxnews says is closer to ‘If one could’….
Oh but at least she’s trying, and that should be seen as a good thing (mistakes and all)….. You’d be very hard-pressed to find an Australian politician wanting to be filmed using anything other than English. Kevin Rudd got flack for speaking Chinese when he was Australia’s PM – he was accused by some politicians of being a show-off…. But then again Mitt Romney, past US presidential hopeful, was blasted by his own Republican competition, for speaking French before the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. Go figure. Then again, there mustn’t have been any value at the time in getting French-speaking voters onside. There just aren’t enough of them to swing states.

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