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Footifying Australia: Using Australia’s language diversity and love of sport to gain market share. NAB’s winning strategy.

Everyone loves a winner – especially when it has something to do with sport. And sometimes you just have to tip your hat to a really clever winner, in this case the National Australia Bank (NAB).

While some of Australia’s residents might think you only need English to get ahead, others are wise to the fact that there is money to be made in multilingualism. NAB, one of Australia’s big banks, has twigged that an increasing number of Australians speak more than one language. It’s something NAB has used to its commercial advantage in its massive national cross-promotion of Australian rules football. There’s nothing selfless about it of course – it’s all about increasing its own national market share of banking. The campaign targets ten of Australia’s many communities (Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Punjabi, Spanish and Turkish) – with the grand final broadcast in each of their languages (available online for the 2013 end of season clincher).

Talk about ingenious marketing. It uses sport (an immediate winner in itself in Australia) and specifically the excitement of the AFL footy grand final  to attract English-speakers and non-English-speakers alike. Such an event – and the build up to it – gives you tremendous exposure, while the combination of the grand final and ten languages generates huge curiosity from all sides. People want to hear what footy sounds like in different languages, and in their own language.

The ad campaign is really clever – it focusses on teaching people selected to call the grand final in a way that’s authentic and exciting. You also have to work out the terminology….. Is a banana really a banana in your language? Notice too it’s not only the voice but also the body that needs to be taught what to do.



It’s a challenge to call a grand final in just the right way – and some practice is needed – as is shown so well in this next ad. In just a matter of seconds the build up of excitement is palpable. No-one can resist a good call – in whatever language. It really does work!



By the end of this ad, you’re jumping out of your seats. Well done NAB!  Talk about clever…..

Keep it up NAB – we want more of this kind of positive advertising that recognizes language diversity right in the heart of the Anglobubble.

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