Welcome to life in the Anglobubble!

This is a new blog dedicated to a random and occasional collection of posts, thoughts, snapshots, vignettes and occasional analysis about life in the Anglobubble and how it can easily skew the way we see, experience and understand the world around us.

What is the Anglobubble?

Well, it’s that part of the world, with a concentration of monolingual English speakers, that operates in English, thinks it only natural that everything should happen in English and should logically be experienced and understood in English. Of course, in this worldview, everything is always best in English too. Sometimes it’s just plain crazy thinking…… English is often said to open up the world for you. And while that is certainly true in many respects, it’s amazing what you don’t see and what you can’t do when you only speak English.

Where is the Anglobubble exactly?

Well, when you’re ensconced in it as a monolingual English-speaker, it feels like the entire planet. For those with a more discerning eye and ear, it’s particularly concentrated around the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. But its reach is certainly huge and in many many respects global. English-speakers are often quite capable of carrying the Anglobubble with them when they travel…..

The take is often humorous and ironic, but the intention is serious.

The Anglobubble really does exist – and we need to burst its skin just a little – so that those stuck inside can see what’s happening around them – from the other side(s).

We also focus on the benefits of being bilingual and multilingual – and spreading the good word about languages for English-speakers and others. There are real long-term benefits – in so many different ways – in speaking more than one language. Come vedrete……