Sandra Bullock, People magazine’s Most Beautiful Person of 2015 and bilingual champion

Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars – Oscar winner, star of Gravity, and voice of Scarlett Overkill in the global animated smash, Minions. Her long list of successes continues – in 2015 she was People magazine’s Most Beautiful Person. She continues a recent list of bilinguals to win this major title: most people don’t realise that she is completely bilingual in English and German. Born in in 1964 in Washington DC, her father was an American serviceman and her mother a German opera singer. Sandra spent 12 years of her life in Nuremberg where she attended school.

They love her in the States, but it’s no wonder they also love her in Germany where she’s a big hit – she speaks their language. We need more bilingual Hollywood heroes like Sandra Bullock.

 Sandra Bullock

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